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Frequently Asked Questions

Please, drop us an email at support@talentbase.co.uk We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Client FAQs

    Great question. The most important things to look at are previous experience and reliability ratings on the chefs profile. This information will allow you to assess how suitable the chef is for your current role, and if they seem like a good fit for your business.
    Once you’ve booked a chef, you are sorted! Wait till the shift and any questions you have, head over to the job and message the chef directly via the app.
    The Chefs may not be applying for several reasons. Usually, it’s because of a lack of information regarding the role, the rate is a little low or the location isn’t too easy to get to. If you’re still unsure get in contact and we’ll help you out and try and give you some tips!
    Legally we are not permitted to display this information. However, before anyone can complete a shift on Talentbase they must complete a ‘right to work check’, so there’s no need to worry about this.
    Each Chef must complete a profile including all their skills and previous experience, as well as shift ratings. You can even check out their reliability, so you can feel totally confident when putting together your perfect team.
    Your ‘Favourites’ should be a network of Chefs you would like to work with again. They should be a great fit for your business and enjoy working for you, as well as having strong reliability and excellent ratings. Anyone in your ‘Favourites’ can auto accept shifts, so choose wisely who you save.
    Don’t worry! Timesheets should be generated every Sunday. So if you haven’t received it by then. Get in touch with us and we can sort it out for you.
    You won’t be charged until the shift is completed and you have closed the timesheet. Once your timesheet has been closed, your card will be charged. This can take up to 3-5 working days to appear on your account, so don’t worry if you don’t see it straight away.
    You will be asked to setup a payment when posting your first shift. If you would like to add a new payment or change and existing payment head over to settings. No fuss!
    Be assured that if for some reason your shift doesn’t fill, we won’t charge you.
    This does happen from time to time. If the chef doesn’t show, they will probably not clock in / out to the shift(s) for the jobs. If they don’t show up but do clock in and the hours on their timesheet don’t reflect what they have actually worked, decline the timesheet and get in touch with us to apply the correct hours worked to their timesheet.
    Not a problem. You can cancel your job via the app. The chef will be notified on the app too when you cancel. Please message the chef first before cancelling with the reasoning, to make sure they’re fully aware of the cancellation and the reasoning and to maintain your reputation.
  • Chef FAQs

    It’s simple! You can work when you want, where you want, and for how much you want!

    💰 Earn yourself a good income & gain transferable and new skills

    💃 Talentbase was built with flexibility in mind

    💛 Become part of our community!

    ⏰ Instant access to jobs 24/7

    Of course! If you don’t hold a valid UK passport you can use either your EU passport / national ID or for EEA Biometric permit is required. For EU & EEA citizens, they require to share their share code on sign-up.
    We need your passport to carry out checks to ensure you hold the right to work in the UK. All you need to do is upload a picture of your passport to the Talentbase app and we’ll take care of the rest. Sit back & we’ll notify you once these checks have been carried out and your account has been verified.
    Before you apply for any shifts, you are not able to message the Client. If you are accepted onto a shift, you can then instant message the Client through our in-app messenger!
    You’ll get rated for each shift you complete. They’re given to you by the Client you worked with and are out of 5 stars. This can affect other jobs if you receive a low rating, make sure you make a great impression!
    You will be paid a week in arrears – hooray! This means all your taxes are paid at source of your income if you’re PAYE.
    We need your passport to carry out checks to ensure you hold the right to work in the UK. Without completing these checks, you legally cannot work for us or get paid through Talentbase.

    Just give HMRC a quick call with your NI and the tax code from your most recent payslip and they will make any required changes.

    If a rebate is due, it will be added to your next invoice and payslip.

    You can easily see all of your pension earrings via your payslips. You are auto-enrolled into the pension scheme from the age of 22 and we use Now Pension as our pension provider. If you wish to opt-out, please get in touch with our accounts team at accounts@talentbase.uk.
    Our team will email you your payslip. Where you can view and print your payslip.
    Payroll at Talentbase is run on a PAYE (pay as you earn) basis. This means that tax and national insurance contributions are calculated and deducted from your pay according to how much you earn in each week.
    Even if you are a student, you are still assessed for tax purposes according to how much money you make each year. If you’re earning above the threshold for paying tax whilst at Uni it will be deducted from your pay.
    No need to panic! If you think you’ve been taxed, incorrectly give HMRC a quick call and make sure you have your current tax code handy. If your code is wrong, HMRC will update your code, and this will automatically be updated in our system and incorrect tax will them be rebated to you in your next payslip.
    Don’t worry. Some clients are busy and have to wait to get the all-clear from the head chef/Sous chef. Our timesheet gets auto-approved if the client does not approve the timesheet by Tuesday, 11:59pm. Meaning you will always get paid what you are owed even if the client forgets to approve your timesheet. One of the beauties of Talentbase!
    Not turning up to a shift is serious and will impact your rating and reputation. If you apply for a shift and are booked, you have made an agreement with the employer to work the shift(s) you have committed too. If a client rates you with a negative review, this will have a negative impact on your chances of working with future clients and getting future job requests.
    If you cancel your shift late (within 48 hours of the start of a shift), your rating will go down, this means you may struggle to get accepted onto future jobs. Late cancellations are taken very seriously and should only happen in exceptional and unavoidable circumstances.
    When you first set up a profile, everyone starts at 0 stars. You are then rated at the end of a job. You are rated on Punctuality, Quality and Behavior. The higher the rating, the more likely you are to get receive more job offers and get booked for future work that you desire. Any issues with your rating, make sure to get in touch and we can see what we can do.
    Head over to the ‘Explore’ page of the app and browse the available shifts. You can tap on any shifts you’d like to know more about – this will take you into the shift description. Here, you’ll see an ‘Apply’ or “Book Shifts” button. Apply is applying to all the shifts that are shown on the job decision. Book Shift button then opens a pop-up, which allows you to select which shift dates you want to work. Simples.
    A request gets sent to the client which they either approve or deny after taking a look at your profile. The request will stay open until the date of the first shift. If you are not hired during this period your request will expire.
    Please wear or bring your chefs’ whites with you and your Knives – these are a MUST. Please check out the Uniform/equipment page for reference if you are unsure. Other than that, arrive on time and have a great shift!
    Congrats Now you can sit back and relax! Any questions that the client may have they can start chatting to you. You cannot start a chat with a client. Any issues or questions you have, please get in touch with Talentbase directly.
    Don’t panic! You cannot be accepted onto more than one shift with overlapping shift times. If you’ve applied for conflicting shifts when you are accepted onto one, your applications for the shifts will automatically be withdrawn. So, you can never be down to work two shifts at the same time – Phew!
    You’ll need to cancel the shift through the app, as well as letting the Client know. We recommend leaving a message for the Client as you go through the process of cancelling in-app, so this is the ideal place to get in touch.
    Open the home screen, go to the job that you wish to cancel. Press cancel and then it will pop up with the dates. Select the dates of the shift you want to cancel. Please be fair to the client and don’t do this last minute as this will ruin your reputation and result in a bad rating. Making it difficult for you to find future shifts.

    Whoops! This could be because the job may have been cancelled by the client, or somebody else may have accepted the job before you.

     💡 Little Tip for You: Ensure your app notifications are turned on, so you can accept a job offer as soon as possible and don’t miss out! Offers are accepted on a first come-first-serve basis. You can also apply to more than one job to increase your chances of booking a job.

    No worries, you can create a new one by opening the app and clicking on Forgot password. This will then send you a pin to your email to then authenticate it’s really you and then it will allow you to add a new password in the app.
    You should message the Client on the in -app messenger to apologise and let them know you’re on the way.
    We’re sorry to see you go! Get in contact with us at support@talentbase.uk and we’ll sort it for you. Just so you know, if you’ve worked a shift, we’re required to retain certain information due to employment law.
    If the role has changed entirely, you are not required to fulfil your shift. However – Flexibility is always encouraged and we appreciate your efforts to adapt and learn new skills. If you do go above and beyond, you’ll likely be rewarded with a high rating from the client.
    No worries, you will be put on an emergency tax code for your payroll to make sure you won’t be taxed incorrectly. You will just need to apply for a NI number with the HMRC and any overpaid taxes will be paid back to you. You can see more details on how to get an NI number here: https://www.gov.uk/apply-national-insurance-number