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Modern Slavery Act

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Talentbase Group Limited Agency Workers & Modern Slavery Act Compliance Agreement


  • a)Talentbase Group Limited has a 100% commitment to compliance and ethical practices in relation to the employment of Migrant Workers and only employs people who have a legal right to work in the UK.
  • b)Talentbase Group Limited has sight of all Right to Work Documentation of potential employees, whether migrant worker or EU Nationals, and keep signed and dated copies as proof of sight of original documentation. All original documents are return to the relevant employee, only copies will be retained.
  • c)Talentbase Group Limited is in full compliance with UK Immigration guidelines in relation to the employment of Migrant Workers and has systems in place to check the type of visa a potential employee holds, and the limitations which may be imposed by such a visa.
  • d)Where necessary, Talentbase Group Limited checks with the Home Office ‘Employer Checking Service’ who then confirms the validity of the candidate’s details.
  • e)Talentbase Group Limited has trained/competent members of staff in spotting fake Identification and any queries can be checked by phone with the UK Immigration Home Office.
  • f)Talentbase Group Limited has a robust system in place to monitor the life of a visa, flagging up those that are expiring or due to expire.
  • g)Talentbase Group Limited confirms that an employee is paid for all hours worked, including any time designated to training.
  • h)Talentbase Group Limited agrees that the *Hirer* have the right to inspect the files and other documentation in relation to the employment of agency workers to satisfy their requirements that Talentbase Group Limited is compliant with UK Immigration legislation with regards to the employment of Migrant Workers.
  • i)Talentbase Group Limited confirms that it employs all staff on an ‘employment contract’ providing employees with a hard copy for them to sign and does not ‘sub-contract’ to ‘self-employed’ people or other subcontractors.
  • j)Talentbase Group Limited confirms that it does not charge the employee a recruitment fee for finding employment, that payment made to employees will comply with the National Minimum Wage legislation, and before making any legal deductions other than those required by HMRC, obtains prior consent from the employee.
  • k)Talentbase Group Limited confirms that it does not insist that employees live/stay in accommodation provided by the Agency. Where any accommodation is provided on a voluntary basis, deductions will comply with the National Minimum Wage ‘off-set’ requirements.
  • l)Talentbase Group Limited confirms as a supplier, that it will ensure compliance with the requirements of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

This will include (but is not limited to) the following actions:

  • 1. Allow for ‘open book’ auditing of your practices, to check relevant employees are paid at least the minimum wage and have the right to work;
  • 2. Employees must not be charged a fee for finding them work.
  • 3.That agency workers will be paid directly.
  • 4. Validation of documentation provided to confirm the workers right to work.
  • 5. Verification of qualifications where relevant.
  • 6. Issuing to workers written terms and conditions of employment.
  • 7. Not allow applicants to complete registration documents on behalf of others.
  • 8. Not accept money, favours or any gifts at all from applicants or workers.
  • 9. Not loan any personal money to temporary workers.
  • 10. Not force or coerce temporary workers to work against their will.
  • 11. Treat applicants and workers with dignity and respect.

In signing this Compliance Agreement, I confirm my full understanding of the statements in points a) to k) outlined in this document and my confirmation that Talentbase Group Limited is in agreement and is fully compliant with all of the above statements.